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Helping people connect with their bodies for a deeper level of healing.


Hello and Welcome to my Website!

I'm not your average Massage Therapist & Reiki practitioner. I like to take a common sense approach to massage and Reiki. I feel that massage and Reiki can be/should be a part of every one's self-care routine. Times have changed we all need a little more support. I believe massage and Reiki have a place this table. Massage & Reiki have been scientifically proven to lower stress/anxiety levels, increase a sense of wellbeing, help with insomnia, and a whole host of other things.  Then of course there is all of the anecdotal evidence out there that supports the science.

Are you interested in regular Self Care? AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH? Then take a look at our subscription program. Just click the Rates & Services link to find out more.

We are excited to formally announce Tami's first official day back is APRIL 4th. Tami has let us know that she will be on a limited schedule of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday regular hours 11am to 8pm starting until June 6th. Staring in June she will be working Tuesday thru Friday regular hours 11 am - 8 pm. Thank you again.